Repair & Protect


A 2- part treatment that truly transforms hair from frizzy to healthy, unruly to manageable, dull and lifeless to bright & beautiful; this amazing product does it all.


Eliminates Frizz
Repairs Split Ends
Repels Humidity
Speeds Up Blow-Dry Time
Protects From Thermal Damage And Excessive Heat

No matter how damaged your hair is, Repair & Protect will create shiny, healthy and beautiful hair throughout the day.

Step by Step Instructions:

1. Shampoo hair with Keratin Express shampoo or any sulfate-free shampoo; rinse, then towel dry.
2. Spray “Repair” on hair; 3 to 4 sprays is generally enough to cover head.
3. Apply “Protect.” A dime size evenly to hair, the comb through.
4. Blow dry using medium to high heat.
For maximum results use flat iron to seal in the benefits.


Repair – 2 oz size & Protect 1 oz size

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