keratin curl

2 Days of Luxurious Curls!

It’s actually what the name Implies; this product is the first of its kind to create and hold curls for up to 2 days. No more spend -ing hours trying to create or enhance your curls just to be disappointed.

If you are serious about your curls, look no further!

Keratin Express Curl will:
Create beautiful long lasting curls.
Increases shine and moisture.
Great for creating new curls or enhancing existing ones.
Most important – lasts for up to 2 days. No Kidding!

Product Performance

Let’s start by asking why curl products don’t work. The products on the market today work on creating an outside coating on the hair; within a short time this coating wears off, which explains why your curls only last a couple of hours. Our Product works by our cohesive bonding matrix, which includes Trametes Versicolor Extract (designed to rebuild damaged keratin sites) and our Memory Flex Technology TM (designed to create flexibility and memory within the curl ). Because of our extensive knowledge of keratin we know you have to start from the inside out. If you want lasting curls, you must first build up the keratin within your own hair. Keratin Express Curl not only builds up the keratin, but with our Memory Flex Technology TM we can prolong the wear-ability of your curls. This combination is what sets Keratin Curl apart from the rest.

Instructions for Use:

Use Keratin Express Curl any time you want to enhance your own curls or create beautiful long lasting curls for up to 2 days.

Step by Step:

Shampoo hair then towel dry.
Blow-dry hair 80%.
Section hair in 6 parts. Place a generous amount in each section.
Blow dry product into hair.
Finish as desired using a curling iron or a barrel to create beautiful long lasting curls.
(Make sure your appliance is at least 300º)

Performance Tips:

Always apply Keratin Express Curl to clean hair.
Certain types of leave-in treatments shorten the duration of your curl.
Rinse off conditioners are fine.
Keratin Express Curl does not contain formaldehyde or any formaldehyde donors, Period!

If you are serious about long lasting curls for up to 2 days, then search no more. Keratin Express Curl is your solution!


6 oz size

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